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Hard Flooring

Karndean + Amtico Flooring

Karndean & Amtico flooring is a beautiful vinyl floor that brings an element of class to any home. However, it is a delicate flooring and can scratch easily and dull over time. To stop signs of wear and tear and preserve Karndean and Amtico flooring we recommend implementing a maintenance programme as soon as they are laid.
After a period of 5 years, it is typical for Kardean flooring to require a more intensive cleaning regime, and potentially having the finish stripped off and a new coat applied. Dundee Carpet Cleaning Ltd only use the best and most durable Karndean floor finishers. You can choose from matt, satin gloss and high gloss.

As a rule of thumb: the shinier a floor the more maintenance it will take to preserve!

We start all Karndean & Amtico cleaning by brushing and vacuuming. We then spray the floor with our cleaning solution and leave this to soak. Then we use a light rotary machine and a soft scrub to gently clean the floors while ensuring causing no damage. To get out any dirt in the grooves of the floor we will use a grout brush, and a soft brush for the edges. Then we rinse the floor with a PH neutral cleaner. We finish by drying the floors to get them ready for sealer. We then use dryers to get the floor as dry as possible ready for the sealer. We have 3 types of sealer for Karndean flooring, topical matt, topical satin and topical high shine. The choice is yours. All give a great protective finish for easy cleaning and maintenance.


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Linoleum & Vinyl

Linoleum and vinyl are a popular choice for both domestic and commercial properties, however like any type of floor require proper cleaning. After we have inspected the floor we will clean and mop then. We will then apply our stripping solution which is left for 15 minutes. A rotary type of machine is then used with mash pads to strip dirt and polish the floor. This allows us to get deep into the grooves of the floor and remove any accumulated dirt. Once this step is finished we us a neutral cleaner and thoroughly mop. To finish we apply a new layer of polish. The floor will be walkable after two to three hours.


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As with all our floor services the grout will be cleaned and as an option we can colour the grout (sometimes the same colour as before) with a water resistant product which will make it much easier to clean on a daily basis.

We can also clean, restore and maintain all types of hard, stone flooring which isn’t identified on this list.

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Other Types of Hard Floor


Porcelain is often thought to be an easily cleanable floor type, however dirt can become engrained and very difficult to remove. We use machinery designed to get into the microscopic pits in porcelain flooring. Once your porcelain floor has been cleaned we can apply a sealer which will assist you in regular maintenance by protecting against day to day spillages.


Although quarry tiles are very durable they still suffer from a number of issues which we can rectify for you. A common problem is a build up of layers of sealer, however we can easily remove these and clean the tiles. If your tiles have efflorescence (which is caused by moisture and results in the appearance of salts on the surface) this will also be removed during the cleaning process.


Terracotta is an extremely porous floor type, which means dirt can be very hard to clean and can discolour. We can deep clean terracotta floors and then seal it. However, this is a lengthly process as multiple coats are normally required.


Slate floors can easily amass a build up of soil in the low points and with old layers of sealer deteriorating they can be in need of some special attention. We use specialist machinery to remove soil and old layers of sealer to get the floor back to its original beauty. We will apply a new layer of sealer, which will make cleaning and maintaining the floor much easier.


Ceramic tiles are probably the most basic to clean but still require the right product and machinery to get the best result. Once cleaned, we will apply a new sealer which will protect your floor from day to day wear and spillages and make cleaning it easier.

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