Price List

Carpet Cleaning

We use the most powerful and portable machinery in the industry, offering results and quicker drying times. We will also establish what kind of clean your carpet requires, whether it be treated for general dirt, urine, excrement, food, drink, paint, we will have you covered.

1 x Room Cleaned = £45
2 x Rooms Cleaned = £70
3 x Rooms Cleaned = £75 (Best Value)
4 x Rooms Cleaned = £90
5 x Rooms Cleaned = £100
1 x Stairs + Landing = £55


Upholstery Cleaning

All our upholstery cleaning is performed through our low-moisture cleaning method. This excels the drying times of your upholstery it also stops ‘over-wetting’ which can cause mould build up and ‘musky’ smells’, due to excessive drying times and is a safer option for your fabrics. Leather cleaning is the same price.

1 x Armchair = £30
1 x 2-seater = £45
1 x 3-seater = £50
1 x 4-seater = £55
1 x Corner Couch = £75


Rug Cleaning

All rugs are pre-treated with necessary treatments to deliver the best results.

1 x small = £25
1 x medium = £30
1 x Large = £35


Mattress Cleaning

All mattresses are cleaned with a low moisture technology, this allows the mattress to dry significantly quicker. We also have different treatments to infiltrate the different soils in the mattresses caused by any defections.

Single – £45
Double – £50
King – £55